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Adaptive Engineering Inc

Adaptive Engineering Inc. Mobilift TX Portable Wheelchair Lifts

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lifts

The Mobilift TX is the #1 station-based wheelchair lift for the passenger rail industry in USA and Canada. It has an unequaled 25-year record for delivering reliable, safe, and cost-effective access in all environments and in all conditions. If you want to maintain your on-time performance and provide ADA-complaint accessibility to passengers with disabilities, the Mobilift TX is the ideal lift for your needs. Mobilifts may be purchased directly from the Manufacturer, Adaptive Engineering Inc. You can reach us for direct sales at [email protected] or 1-800-448-4652.

Here is why everyone, from big government rail organizations to small tourist railroads, rely on the Mobilift TX to make their trains accessible:

Mobilift Highlights
  • • Fully ADA compliant wheelchair lift under 38.83, 38.95, and 38.125.
  • • Easy to operate controls.
  • • Large wheels negotiate rough terrain.
  • • Vandal resistant design
  • • Automatically self leveling on uneven ground.
  • • Can be loaded onto any size pick up truck for multi-destination use.
  • • Extension ramp increases turning radius for large wheelchairs.
  • • Platform counter balance reduces cranking force.
  • • Floating bridge ramp for easy alignment.
  • • 4 lbs of pressure is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving on a hard level surface – as easy as moving a shopping cart.
  • • Self sufficient – no power is required.
  • • Mobilifts weigh approximately 268 pounds and can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck.
This ADA compliant solution can be in place now
  • • Without platform modifications
  • • Without retrofit costs
  • • Without waiting for lift equipped rail cars
  • • Without jeopardizing freight clearances with mini – high platforms
  • • Low acquisition cost.
  • • Extremely low maintenance cost.
  • • Permanent installation or structural modifications are not required.
  • • Mobilifts have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs.
  • • All units are factory load tested to 3000 lbs as part of our extensive quality assurance program.
  • • Proven safe - more than 1000 units in service over the past 15 years.
  • • Locking cable included to prevent unauthorized use.
  • • Moveable to reduce exposure to vandalism (vandal resistant shelter available as an option).

Info Package in PDF Format

Mobilift TX Brochure
Intro - Wheelchair Lift for Trains
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Why Is the Mobilift TX not Powered?

Reliability: The Mobilift TX does not need charging or to have its fuel and oil checked. It is designed to sit outdoors for months, without needing any attention, and then operate quickly, safety and dependably. Powered lifts and other solutions simply can’t compete with the proven reliability of the Mobilift TX.

Variants of the Mobilift have been service for over 25 years, from the coldest parts of Alaska to the hottest Arizona deserts. You can count on the Mobilift to do its job!

Maintainability: The Mobilift TX is designed to need minimal maintenance. It has a 20-year service life and, most of the time, only annual maintenance inspection is needed.

Mobilifts Have Other Uses Too!

Mobilifts can also be used to assist individuals with strollers, heavy suitcases, or who prefer not to use the stairs. They can be purchased directly from the Manufacturer, Adaptive Engineering Inc., or through one of our exceptional retail partners. You can reach us for direct sales at [email protected] or 1-800-448-4652. Alternatively, we would also be pleased to recommend a retailer in your area if you would prefer to work with a local organization.

The same ultra-reliable technology that makes the Mobilift TX so successful also makes it a great choice to solve other accessibility problems. If you need to provide temporary or portable access for people with disabilities in a home or business setting, you may want to check out the Mobilift CX.

For more information about the Mobilift TX, please us the contact information below.