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Adaptive Engineering Inc

Portable Wheelchair Lifts for Residences and Buildings

Imagine being able to quickly provide temporary wheelchair access without the cost, delay and space requirements of standard ramps and wheelchair lifts. What would you do? Bring a loved one home from long-term care for the weekend? Welcome out-of-town visitors with mobility issues into your residence or cottage? Make your school stage or church alter accessible to everyone? Provide safe, reliable access to your historic site without making architectural changes? The Mobilift CX is a great way to make these notions a reality!

The Mobilift CX is the easiest way to provide temporary wheelchair accessibility to locations that do not require permanent facilities or where ramps, elevators, and other lifts are not practical/economical. In most cases you can simply roll the Mobilift into position and start providing access immediately – without the headaches of modifying your residence or building.

The Mobilift CX can be used indoors or outdoors and has an unsurpassed 25-year track record of safety and reliability. Over 2500 similar units have been deployed in every kind of environment from the coldest Alaskan winters to the hottest tropical summers. The Mobilift’s proven design and durable manufacturing ensure that it will work anytime it is needed.

Mobilifts can also be used to assist individuals with strollers, heavy suitcases, or who prefer not to use the stairs. They can be purchased directly from the Manufacturer, Adaptive Engineering Inc., or through one of our exceptional retail partners. You can reach us for direct sales at [email protected] or 1-800-448-4652. Alternatively, we would also be pleased to recommend a retailer in your area if you would prefer to work with a local organization.

Here’s why our customers love and trust the Mobilift CX:

Mobilift CX Highlights

Fast and Easy to Use

  • • Easy to operate controls - no special training or expertise is required.
  • • Manual operation requires just 5 lbs of crank force to lift a 150 pound load and 11 lbs of crank force to lift 300 lbs.
  • • Typical elevation time to maximum height of 60” is 20 seconds.
  • • Pictogram decals clearly depict the unit’s operating instructions.
  • • 4 lbs of pressure is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving on a hard level surface – as easy as moving a shopping cart.
  • • Self sufficient – no power is required.
  • • Mobilifts weigh approximately 268 pounds and can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck.
  • • Low acquisition cost.
  • • Extremely low maintenance cost.
  • • Permanent installation or structural modifications are not required.
  • • Mobilifts have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs.
  • • All units are factory load tested to 3000 lbs as part of our extensive quality assurance program.
  • • Proven safe - more than 1000 units in service over the past 15 years.
  • • Locking cable included to prevent unauthorized use.
  • • Moveable to reduce exposure to vandalism (vandal resistant shelter available as an option).
  • • Bridge ramps of varying lengths are available to reach over stairs and other obstacles.
  • • Left hand side cranking is an option.
  • • Right hand side loading is available for unique applications.
  • • CE version available for use in the EU

Info Package in PDF Format

Mobilift CX Brochure
Case Studies (in PDF format)
Mobilift CX - Introduction
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Why Is the Mobilift CX not Powered?

This is a question we get a lot and there are 5 great reasons we chose to make the Mobilift manually operated:

Reliability: The Mobilift is estimated by third-party maintenance personnel to be 5-10 times more reliable than powered lifts – especially in intermittent or outdoor service. Because there is no power, it is unaffected by cold, rain, or ice, and there are no batteries to fail or switches to replace. It just works every time!

Convenience: A portable wheelchair lift should be fast and easy to use. Because the Mobilift doesn’t need power you won’t waste any time looking for and testing extension cords or power sockets. You can just get the user where they need to go as soon as the lift is in position.

Maintainability: The Mobilift is designed for a 20-year service life with the absolute minimum of maintenance. Most of the time, all that is needed is quick annual inspection and your lift is good to go.

Low Building Modification Costs: One of the biggest costs to alternative accessibility solutions is the high cost of modifying the location to accept them. Because the Mobilift rolls in and out of place when needed, most deployments require little to no renovations. Keep this in mind when comparing the costs of other approaches.

Flexibility: The Mobilift can be upgraded with a wide range of features that allow it to solve problems that other solutions can’t handle. Our most popular option is the Extended Bridge Ramp that comes with integrated, folding handrails. This enhancement allows the Mobilift to reach over horizontal lengths of up to 54”, making it possible to traverse many staircases without the need to remodel the location. This great solution instantly eliminated one of the top problems that users of portable wheelchair lifts face.

Can’t Make the Mobilift Work but Still Need Portable Lift Solution? If you are looking for a portable inclined platform lift (IPL) you will find an amazing new product at, which is the website of our sister company, Adaptive Concepts Ltd.

For more information about the Mobilift CX, please us the contact information below.