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Welcome to the official web page of Adaptive Engineering Inc. We are a professional engineering firm that designs, manufactures, and sells equipment to allow people with disabilities to get around easily, safely, and with dignity.

Adaptive Engineering Inc. is a leading manufacturer of mobile wheelchair lifts for providing temporary access to homes, schools, colleges, churches, stages, historic sites, and other locations. The best part about our units is that they usually work without any modifications to the building – you just roll them into place and go! If you would like to find out more about the simplest way to provide temporary wheelchair access to homes and commercial buildings please check here: Mobilift CX.

We also manufacture and sell the Mobilift TX, the #1 station-based wheelchair lift for railways in the USA and Canada. Our train customers include the biggest names in the passenger rail industry like Amtrak, VIA Rail, MBTA and Caltrain. We our proud of our +30-year history of providing accessibility solutions to the transportation industry.

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Mobilifts are a great solution when you need a mobile vertical platform lift (VLP). But what about when the best solution is an inclined platform lift (IPL)? If this is what you need, then check out the Lift2Go, developed by our sister company Adaptive Concepts Ltd.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing our wheelchair lift products, Adaptive Engineering’s talented design group is always looking for new products to serve our customers. Please contact us if you have an accessibility problem that needs a great solution!