Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Mobilift CX Highlights

Fast and Easy to Use

  • • Easy to operate controls-no special training or expertise is required.
  • • Manual operation requires just 5 lbs. of crank force to lift a 150 pound load and 11 lbs. of crank force to lift 300 lbs.
  • • Typical elevation time to maximum height of 60” is 20 seconds.
  • • Pictogram decals clearly depict the unit’s operating instructions.
  • • 4 lbs. of pressure is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving on a hard level surface – as easy as moving a shopping cart.
  • • Self sufficient – no power is required.
  • • Mobilifts weigh approximately 268 pounds and can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck.
  • • Low acquisition cost.
  • • Extremely low maintenance cost.
  • • Permanent installation or structural modifications are not required.
  • • Mobilifts have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs.
  • • All units are factory load tested to 3000 lbs as part of our extensive quality assurance program.
  • • Proven safe - more than 1000 units in service over the past 15 years.
  • • Locking cable included to prevent unauthorized use.
  • • Moveable to reduce exposure to vandalism (vandal resistant shelter available as an option).
  • • Bridge ramps of varying lengths are available to reach over stairs and other obstacles.
  • • Left hand side cranking is an option.
  • • Right hand side loading is available for unique applications.
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Mobilift CX - Introduction
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